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Is Oral Inflammation Silently Damaging Your Health Right Now?

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Of course, there are many things we do not understand when it comes to the human body. One of the first things that comes first is that we understand more about the relationship between your oral health and Dentitox Pro, as per

Cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and diabetes mellitus are the four biggest diseases that kill humans. We have been fighting these killers for a long time and there seems to be news coming out every day about these diseases.

We know, for example, that high cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease. But why do half of people with heart disease NOT have high cholesterol? Why some people can control their diabetes, but others can’t. There are more questions than answers, and there seems to be a missing link with many of the diseases that we just don’t see. We can do it now.

Research shows that there is a hidden cause, an undiscovered link to many diseases that we never knew existed. This missing link is ... INTROVY EARTH! Chronic and low-grade eye infections that persist anywhere in the body cause damaging problems throughout the body, and increase the risk of various diseases.

In fact, various studies suggest the following health risks from eye infections:

  • - the risk of coronary heart disease is doubled ...

  • -You are three times more likely to have a heart attack ...

  • - seven times more likely to be born prematurely ...

  • - the risk of kidney disease is doubled ...

  • - 63% higher risk of pancreatic cancer

  • Unfortunately, there is a place in your body where infections are most common. This place is your mouth!

A recent study tells us that about 75% of adults have bleeding teeth and should take Dentitox Pro supplement, and this bleeding indicates the presence of an eye disease. Even worse, many people do not know when someone has a sore mouth! The simple truth is that bleeding teeth is very common, very dangerous, and most people don’t know it when their teeth bleed.

Surprisingly, we have been trying to stop tooth decay for over 30 years. We have a variety of toothbrushes and sizes. We have wax floss, non-wax floss, toothpaste, and countless mouthwashes. Big companies spend millions of dollars on keeping you from buying products, by stopping bleeding teeth. And after decades of trying, think about what we have?

We have 75% of the population with bleeding teeth, we have tooth decay which is one of the most common diseases in the world, we have tooth decay which is the number one cause of tooth decay in of adults, and the worst is toothache. may increase our risk for any deadly disease.

Of course, new approaches are needed to deal with this major health risk. Too many people brush their teeth every six months, but still spend their entire lives with bleeding teeth and potential accidents.

Fortunately, there are new effective techniques in the form Dentitox Pro liquids to stop the harmful effects of oral thrush, and given the growing number of adults, it is important to take immediate action to reduce the risk of this oral problem. this is great health.